Boyfriend shoots man dead in fit of jealous rage


A North Coast man will not spend the festive season with friends or family after he was fatally shot in the head during an altercation at an informal settlement in Redcliffe, Verulam, on Saturday.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) responded to the scene where upon arrival it was established that two friends were accosted by a man who accused them of having an affair with his girlfriend. “The suspect drew a pistol and instructed the friends to follow him to his girlfriend’s house to verify the information.

Whilst walking on an unpaved road, the victims stopped and attempted to convince the angry boyfriend that he had the wrong people. The suspect began to assault both men before he shot one of them in the head. He attempted to shoot the second victim, but his firearm jammed. The victim managed to flee on foot to a residence in the area,” said RUSA head, Prem Balram.
“When he returned with help, he found his friend bleeding excessively from an injury to his head. They loaded him into a vehicle and drove to hospital where he died a short while later. Reaction Officers and members of the Verulam SAPS entered the informal settlement on foot and tracked down the suspect’s girlfriend. She led officers to his home, however, he could not be located. Witnesses reported seeing him leaving the area with a bag. Police are investigating further,” added Balram.

“RUSA officers have responded to grossly violent scenes where it seems community members have reacted with intense force against each other resulting in death or serious injuries. We urge the community to practice tolerance especially as we head in to the festive season where there is usually an excessive indulgence in alcohol and narcotics,” Balram said.


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