Beware of new ‘five gig’ scam


There is a new modus operandi circulating in Durban South and other areas. Police said members of the public are approached by people at malls who claim to be working for Vodacom.

They offer people free five gigabytes of data. They will ask you for your cellphone and then remove your sim card so that they can see the IMEI number. The fraudsters will then instruct you to keep your cellphone off and only insert your sim card after two hours.During the time when your cellphone is off, these fraudsters are able to access your bank account. They then do cash transfers to their accounts.

You will not see the transaction taking place as your cellphone will be off for two hours. All members of the public are warned to be extra cautious. These  people do not work for Vodacom and they are out to rob you of your money. There is no “ five gig” of data that you will receive from Vodacom for free.Captain Carmen Rhynes from uMlazi Communication said, “ I urge the public to be aware not to share any personal information or cellphone sim card details with strangers.

It is that time of the year where criminals are looking for every opportunity to steal or trick you out of your money.Please look after your hard earned monies. Do not be trusting to strangers hiding behind huge credible corporate companies to try and gain your trust and defraud you of your money. Please tell all those you care about to not allow themselves to fall prey to these fraudsters. Let us keep talking about these scams to each other so that nobody falls prey to them.”


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