With Black Friday here, should South Africans be part of this international trend?


With Black Friday just a few days away, South African retail shops will be buzzing with a high number of shoppers who look forward in taking the advantage of these high discounts, with some stores even opening exactly at midnight. Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to find out from the public what their thoughts are about this annual craze. There mixed views on Black Friday and the meaning behind it.

Kelin Sanderson
Black Friday is the cheapest time of the year, so I for one don’t even mind spending my last dime in this time of the year, as I get to buy more then I had bargained for at a low price. But we should just be careful of the items we buy, and their significance in the household.
Pretty Clement
Black Friday is actually a great way of saving money, as December is upon us and so is Christmas. During this time, as per custom, we love buying gifts for everyone and with Black Friday, it gives us the opportunity to save a little. I support it 100%.
Nikita Haripersadh
I personally feel, that as much as it gives people an opportunity to purchase products at some ridiculous prices and somewhat benefits retail. Black Friday in South Africa is a complete disaster unless you’re doing online shopping. I have never and would never go anywhere on Black Friday! Also if you pay very close attention to some retail specials, they are really not specials, there is always a catch. It’s just that a lot of people fall for the ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ feel.
Nicole Zandile Chagi
I personally don’t support Black Friday as I have my own theory from research, as to what originally led to being a day called Black Friday. Back in the days, and this is according to history, black women and men were sold as slaves for half prices, and for me, it gives me
that confusion as to how people can celebrate
Gary Moodley
We are going through a recession, financial advisers will tell you not to spend money lavishly. We tend to buy without thinking because of the big discounts and creating big debts and yet some cannot manage paying off these debts. The poor and middle class should save every cent and earn interest in the recession period.
Mohammed Maharaj
I just feel it is overrated, and South Africans really do not understand what they are spending for, just the other day I heard that Takealot and Makro increased their sale items, which means more buzz for the people, do we have a budget for this, and this is a question I also ask myself. Many people also get hurt, with the pushing in the long quess.


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