Black Friday Fever


Black Friday fever has gripped South Africa with thousands of shoppers eagerly awaiting the bargains.

The Balraj family from Moorton are looking foward to some Black Friday deals. Mom, Ashika Balraj with her children Ashrika, Ashrya and Yadhie, are seen making an early dash for the sales.

“We can save a lot on Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and family,” said the girls, as outlets throughout the country slash prices for Black Friday, giving consumers “unbeatable” bargains. Some outlets have already revealed their specials, while others have advertised their sales for one day only, and yet others, have a weekend-long promotion.

The Black Friday concept entered the South African market barely a few years ago, and has its roots in the United States of America.

Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day, after Thanksgiving. It was originally called Black Friday because of the volume of shoppers who created traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. In the 1950s, people began calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving, to give themselves a four-day weekend.


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