A quiet Thursday afternoon in the suburb of Egerton, Ladysmith, was shaken by the sound of rapid high calibre gun fire as assailants attacked. Two people died at the scene and another was seriously injured on Fairclough St when assailants in a white BWM bearing a Gauteng registration opened fire on a kombi. Residents and pedestrians ran for cover as shots rang out across the street.

The shooting is believed to be related to the continued feud between two rival taxi associations over the lucrative Johannesburg-Durban long haul.

Reeling in shock residents could not believe that this kind of violence broke out in a quiet street of their neighbourhood. People watched in horror as the incident unfolded before them. “There were bullets flying over our house,” said one crying resident. “Our children were playing outside when the gunshots come out of nowhere. Some fell to the ground for safety.”

Police were quick on scene. Details of the shooting remained sketchy as police cordoned off the area. Police said that they were told by witnesses that the BMW raced off towards the N11 to make its getaway.


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