End of year exams – stress made easy


Final exams are upon us once again, parents and children both feel the pressure. Of course, these are at different levels. The Class of 2019 is busy writing their final exam of their school career which is the culmination of 12 years of school routine and academic focus. This final exam is the door to their future and with just those statements, we can feel the incredible pressure that these young people face.

Here are a few tips and techniques that can be help during this stressful period. Have a plan and focus Focus on the goal. The end result is what matters, therefore have a plan to take small steps to achieve the bigger goal. Having a plan is essential.

Remember that flexibility in timetabling is also important, yet at the same time responsibility needs to be instilled. As a parent, you cannot continuously hover over your child in order for her to study. Instead, have a mutual plan that works within your home.

At this stage, you cannot dictate to your child, rather work jointly as this will make reaching the goal more rewarding.

Maintaining a routine
A routine is essential in every child’s life.

However, closer to exam season, routine becomes even more necessary and comforting. This helps with overall calmness in knowing what to expect whilst preparing and during the days of the exam. The major aspect of exam stress rests in the fear of the unknown. Therefore, maintaining a routine will offer your child comfort and security during this time.

Healthy eating, sleep and recreation
All three are super important. We place great emphasis on the ticking of the clock that makes every moment priceless especially for last minute cramming.

Be sure that time is also spent on recreational activities,moderate exercise is important in maintaining balance of body and mind. Meditation is also a good option at this time, as noise from the outside is shut off through the silent connection of mantra, body and soul.

Do not binge eat. Healthy eating helps with focus and concentration. Eating well will help reduce fatigue. Do not become dependent of high caffeine energy drinks, feed your body nutrients rather than empty calories. These caffeinated drinks cause a spike in energy and then a rapid dip.

Do not neglect sleep. A good rest helps with rest and recovery. This also allows the body and mind time to switch off and recuperate. Studying with limited sleep is not ideal, and both the body and mind will be fatigued and therefore not perform at your optimum.

Parents – no drama
These young people are going through enough stress during the exams, so parents, no additional drama please.

This means keep a calm environment at home. Make sure there is no major upset or unhappiness within the home. Remember, the mutual goal is key, therefore curb any disputes or life changing decisions until after the exam. A stress-free, healthy home environment is so important.

Love and support your child. Do not place undue stress on your child, rather offer love and support in a positive way.

Do not judge and do not compare. Be positive and give your child confidence. As a teacher, life coach and parent, I feel the anxiety of exams at all levels. Keep calm, prepare and focus on the goal. Best wishes to both parents and children who are tackling the final exams of the year.

About the columnist: Krsangi Radhe is a Neuro-linguist programming practitioner, time-line therapist, and empowerment coach. She is also a teacher and motivational speaker. She is the founder of Sankalpa Coaching.