What can be done to curb crime increase?


The increasing crime rates in South Africa is a call for concern. According to Statistics SA, a total of 2.09 million crimes were recorded in 2018 – down from the 2.12 million recorded in 2017. This represents a 4.4% drop in the number of reported crimes in the 17 public categories, along with an increase in the number of crimes as a result of police action. The Southern Star took to the streets to find out what can be done to curb crime increase in the country.

Okuhle Shinga
The increasing crime rate is indeed a call for concern. We do not feel safe in the comfort of our own homes because we fear that people may attack us. The sections CPF and police are doing their best to reduce or stop crime from escalating but it’s too much. I really do not know what needs to be done to end this.

Dumisile Zulu
I honestly believe that crime is escalating because of the unemployment rate in the country. Unless that can be somewhat resolved, then maybe the crime rate can also see a decline. It won’t be easy but I think it’s possible if hard work and determination is put in place.

Siyanda Poseka
At this point, I am hopeless that anything can be done to reduce the crime rate in South Africa. These crooks are getting smarter with each day and have ways of coming up with scamming or attacking people with each day. It has been years that people have been complaining about this.

Leevin Marimuth
There is not much I feel could be done. The CPFs and the police work their hardest to ensure that we as a community are safe and are not victims of crime but with that, still people find themselves in situations where they have to open cases or even worse, bury their loved ones. It’s really sad to see what our communities have come to as I believe that crime is drug rated, it’s in our community’s hands now.

Randheer Munsamy
Stricter laws can be implemented in order to reduce the crime rate and harsher punishment should be served to people who are involved in crime. Many solutions can be offered to help reduce crime but because crime offenders prove to be smarter and are always armed more than the police, I think those who do get caught should be given life imprisonment or the death penalty should be their fate.