Flu Vaccine or home remedy?


As people, we all prefer different methods of doing things, from using different products, listening to a certain type of music genre and using different types of methods to help us keep healthy. Tabloid Newspaper took to the streets to find out from people what flue vaccines are and what are their preferred choice between flu vaccine and home remedy and which they think works best.

Ntando Khanyase

I would describe a flu vaccine as an injection taken to keep the flu away. And with that said, I prefer home remedies as I have never taken a flu vaccine before. As much as I have never taken a flu vaccine before, I personally think it is the best option as opposed to a home remedy. I think flue vaccine is more effective to keeping the flu away, and would recommend that people get the vaccine as opposed to using home remedies.

Bonga Mbuyisa

I really do not know in detail what a flu vaccine is, or whether you take it when you have the flu or when you don’t but from my knowledge, it is a shot that is taken for flu. I personally would option for a home remedy as I am not a huge fan of needles. I think that the flu vaccine is more effective as it comes highly recommended by doctors, where as with home remedies people mix random ingredients which might not be guaranteed to work. I honestly would recommend for people to get a vaccine rather than using home remedies, but for me personally, I would stick to my home remedies.

Sholan Prithiraj

A flu vaccine is a flu jab that one takes to prevent and protect against the flu. I prefer home remedies. Based on the effectiveness of the home remedy, I think it depends on when you take it, for example, if you drink turmeric in water every day, it can prevent sickness due to it’s antibacterial properties, whereas a flu jab isn’t taken all the time. I would recommend a home remedy since it is easily available to people and affordable.

Michael Wilson

A flu vaccine is an injection that one gets to prevent themselves from getting the flu. I prefer a home remedy mainly because it contains more natural products in it as opposed to a flu vaccine. I think the home remedies are more effective than a flu vaccine and would recommend for people to take home remedies more as flu vaccines have also been said to have some side effects.

Daniel Naidoo

Home remedies are good in a way, back in the days when technology wasn’t so efficient like today, home remedies were very popular with spices, herbs and plants. However, I prefer the flu vaccine as it has a very quick response to the body and now we even have the flu vaccine preventative which makes it healthy for us.