Do you think multiple driving tests can improve road safety?


South Africa has very high rates of road accidents. According to the World Health Organisation, about 1 million accidents take place in South Africa every year. The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to ask residents whether they feel that multiple driving tests will help to improve road safety.

Sylvia Goolam-Mahomed
Motorists should be tested more than once. Corruption is rampant and we don’t know whether many citizens got their licences fairly or not. There are a lot of accidents because many people are in a hurry and lack patience. They do not care about other road users. They also have no consideration towards pedestrians and other cars.

Manuel Myburgh
We should have more than one driving test. The more tests there are, the more motorists will be able to refine their driving skills. Alcohol is a major cause of many serious car accidents. We need to root out corruption in the licensing industry. A lot of people buy their licences and don’t get it through the correct procedure.

Khulekani Ndlovu
Many people buy their licences nowadays. We need to regulate testing stations to ensure that most people get their licences through the right procedure. Having multiple tests will just be futile and benefit corrupt individuals in the motor industry as they will continue to pass people through dishonest practices. The test should be structured to make people have a solid understanding of the rules of the road. It is currently too easy.

Ivan Behari
Young drivers should be tested up to three times a year and more. Drivers under 35-years who drive taxi’s should be tested up to three times a year to avoid accidents. A strong system must be set up. The driving test must be made more difficult. We should demand that people know the rules and regulations of the road properly. People should be failed if they achieve 80% in the test. It must be made compulsory for them to achieve 100%.

Dennis Pillay
Drivers today should not go for a driver’s test. They seem to be good at causing accidents. All drivers must abide by the rules of the road. The driving test is currently very simple at the moment and must be made harder. Even the police are driving recklessly. I do not think a second driving test is needed.

Selvan Pillay
Drivers should be tested once a year to make sure that their driving skills are good. Nowadays, there are a lot of accidents because people text and speak on the phone while driving. They do not focus on the road. A lot of people also pay for their licences through corrupt practices.