What can be done to curb domestic violence in our communities?


Domestic violence is prevalent in the communities of Chatsworth and surrounding areas, so much so that it is even viewed as a norm by some families. The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to ask people why they think domestic violence is so rife in our communities and what can be done to curb the scourge.

Mathavan Subramony
During my younger days, domestic violence was not as big an issue as it is now. These days we cannot even walk freely on the streets as we are in danger of being victims of violence. The problem of domestic violence can be reduced if police become more strict in terms of how they enforce the law. There is a lack of control in our communities and that is why domestic violence is such a huge problem.

Nieresh Prakash
The issue of domestic violence stems from unemployment and alcohol abuse in our communities. I live in Dubai now and am just here for a month. In Dubai there is hardly any crime and domestic violence as most people have jobs. The problem can be reduced locally by having more awareness campaigns, reducing unemployment and having more severe penalties for those guilty of domestic violence. The laws are not right. Many men commit domestic violence and walk normally on the streets the next day. The death penalty must be brought back.

Sphamandla Mkhize
A lot of men are not honest with their partners. Many of them take out their rage on their partners because they are stronger physically. Some men who are unemployed may take out their anger on women due to their frustration. We need to organise more community forums where we have honest conversations about these problems and expose those who are committing them.

Cassie Naidoo
Domestic violence is a big issue. Many men think that they own women once they are in relationships with them. Many men need to be taught that being in a relationship is not like buying a car, where they own the car. They do not own women. Another cause, is the lack of good communication between families. Women should also not try and provoke men. The laws also need to be stronger on those who are guilty of committing domestic violence.

Pastor Stephen Perumal
I watch the news everyday and these days women can get a job faster than men. In many families, men are no longer the head of the household. Satan is taking over as God is no longer in people’s lives. Because I have God in my life, I do not think about doing anything bad to others. If people bring back God into their lives, domestic violence will be reduced.