Will the president deliver on his promises?


President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the State of the Nation Address on Thursday, 7 February. Many feel that the presidential term of Ramaphosa will bring in a renewed sense of positive energy into the country. On the other hand, some are also sceptical about whether the president will deliver upon his word. The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to get people’s views on whether they think the president will deliver on his promises and what they are expecting ahead of the 2019 general elections.

KC Muthen
Everyone wants service delivery but eThekwini Municipality does not offer that. It is hard for the people to get jobs even when they are qualified. Our children need jobs. We need to make amends and move forward. We also need to draw a line where everyone is treated equally. We need to do away with affirmative action and select candidates for jobs purely based upon merit. I hope that things will change under President Ramaphosa. He is unlikely to be corrupt as he is a financially well off. I hope that he lives up to his promises and provides the 200 000 new jobs which he said he would. He must also reduce the number of foreigners within the country so that local citizens can get jobs.

J Desai
The government is wasting our time. Ramaphosa needs to wake up. He is not looking at the bad side. Corruption is being overlooked under him. People who are found to be engaging in corruption must be fired without pay immediately. I feel that the elections will be a failure as usual. False promises will be made yet again and nothing positive will be done. Protests must be stopped as they are a danger to road safety.

Blessing Koza
I think that Ramaphosa has no reason to engage in corruption. I have done some background research on him and he has successfully led big businesses which have prospered. I have faith that he will sort out many problems which were caused by the previous administration. I have my total trust in him and we must give him some time. We cannot realistically expect him to sort out problems in the country overnight.

Tootsie Francis
I have lost faith in the government and in elections.
If you look at the serious problems like drug abuse, the government is not doing enough to help solve the problems. The poor performance of government is also seen through the current load shedding situation. If President Ramaphosa really wanted us to have faith in the government, he would have done something significant to change the lives of the people. He has not done anything significant as yet. The government is spending millions on overseas trips for high-profile individuals while ignoring the needs of the people. They are even quite slow to resolve the problems at the local RK Khan Hospital. People do not even go to the local police station for assistance when crimes happen because they are aware that they will not be helped adequately. I do not even have faith in any of the opposition parties.

Sachin Naidoo
I think that we should not even speak about the elections. President Ramaphosa only looks at the good side of the current government while he overlooks the bad side. I think that elections are a mess.