What’s the buzz about Black Friday?


Consumerism will be at a yearly high on Friday, 23 November, as many South Africans rush to take advantage of specials offered at stores throughout the nation. Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets to find
out what the public thinks about the concept of Black Friday.

Simi Haricharan:
Black Friday is a good thing. I wish we could have deals like that all the time.

Thula Zincume:
I am looking forward to buying cheap clothes and food on Black Friday and I will take advantage of all of the deals that will be offered.

Raj Ramjith:
I am waiting for the specials to come out so that I can do clothing shopping.

Rekha Ramjith:
Black Friday is a good thing. There will obviously be massive crowds which will be a danger. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives. There will be massive savings and you will not get the same deals during the year.

Dasen Naidoo:
We need to look at changing the name of Black Friday, I do not agree with the name as it can be used to potentially divide us as was done during the past. We need to look at changing the name. In terms of sales, it is good for the community as it allows them to buy goods at reduced rates.