Trio sentenced to life imprisonment


After three years of intensive investigations, the rape and kidnapping trial of three men came to an end at the Durban Regional Court, thanks to the meticulous investigations conducted by seasoned investigators from the Brighton Beach FCS Unit.

On 27 June 2018, the accused Tuwa Amini Ysufu (37), Aliyani Lajabu (27) and Kondwani Mpondwa (30) were each sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and 15 years for kidnapping which will run concurrently.

According to Colonel Thembeka Mbele of SAPS KZN, on 15 September 2015, the victim aged 21 was on her way to church when she was approached by the accused requesting directions. The three accused accosted the victim and bundled her into the boot of a vehicle. The victim was blindfolded and taken into a house in Merebank where she was repeatedly raped.

“The victims distraught grandmother reported her missing at the Wentworth Police Station when she did not returned from church. Three days after the rape and kidnapping, the victim managed to overpower one of her assailants and flee. The victim flagged down a motorist who rendered assistance by transporting the victim to SAPS Wentworth,” said Colonel Mbhele.

The Brighton Beach Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit worked round the clock to trace the accused. Their hard work yielded positive results when the accused were arrested on 26 September 2015 at Merebank.