Three alleged Toti car thieves arrested in high speed chase


Believed to be responsible for stealing more than 30 cars in the greater Amanzintoti area in the past month, members of the Community Crime Prevention Organisation (CCPO) put the brakes on three suspects when they were arrested in a joint operation in Toti on Saturday. CCPO representative, George Snodey, said the CCPO team had been trying for a while to swoop on the car thieves but somehow they always evaded arrest.

“On Saturday, their luck ran out. It all began when the Acting CCPO manager, Rupert Smit, noticed a white VW Caravelle at Winkle Beach.

The three occupants were behaving very suspiciously and when they noticed that they were under surveillance, they quickly departed from the area. The vehicle’s details were shared over the CCPO radio and about 30 minutes later, they were spotted at Beach Road in a silver Toyota Etios with the same registration,” said Snodey. The Metro K9 Unit who share the digital radio network with the CCPO team, arrived at the spot but the Etios occupants sped off. With Metro K9 in pursuit of the vehicle, the Etios crashed into a car at the Kingsway intersection and headed towards Galleria. “A high speed chase ensued and in an attempt to shake the Metro K9 team off their tails, the Etios driver attempted to dupe the police but did not consider the wet roads and they smashed into a robot. The Metro K9 police officers were on them in a flash and three suspects were quickly arrested. The suspects had with them an assortment of tools, computer boxes and remote jammers,” said Snodey. He called the bust a significant arrest as he said the trio were causing havoc in the Toti area.

Snodey said one of the suspects had admitted to waiting for a car guard to move before they closed in and stole a car. The suspect also said they had to change vehicles because they noticed that the CCPO member had seen them at Winkle Beach in the Caravelle.